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The other day, I turned 34.

Half of my life may already be over, and I have reached an age where I cannot be complimented on my youth.

Also recently I have been thinking I do not have much time left.

I’m sure there are people who will say, “Hey, it’s too early to be thinking that”, but since having a child I no longer have enough time for work or myself. On the other hand, household chores have multiplied.

I do not have time for making my ceramic works and myself more than purely imagining.
From now on I probably will have no time due to various things.
As you get older you will probably get sick, and your stamina will become weaker.

If I am going to start following my dreams then I must start now or it will probably be too late.
Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that I must start living as efficiently as I can.

So, this is what I am going to do.
①I like contemporary art, so I want to become an contemporary ceramic artist.
This is ongoing.

②I want to work abroad as an artist.
My ceramic works have gone to art fairs abroad, but I will go together with them for the first time.
Next year, I think I want to follow my works as much as possible.
I will try to help without getting in the way (haha).

③I want to do art-related activities other than being an contemporary ceramic artist.
I am thinking of trying this, and it is currently in progress.


Since becoming aware of the time I have remaining, I realised that I don’t have the luxury of being indecisive any more.
I will firmly decide whether I will do something or not, and if I have decided I am going to do it I will move forwards no matter what might happen along the way.
If I am not going to do something, I will completely stop. Or I will put it on hold.

Even if it turns out to be rubbish I will first try and do it.
When I am looking for perfection from the beginning I am scared to start, so I will start with the mindset that it’s fine even if it’s rubbish.
Then, even though undesirable problems will gradually appear, I will make something even better by solving these problems.
Well, I will give it my all and if it doesn’t work out then that’s fine.
I guess there is no achievement without execution, and there is nothing more meaningful than that.

Also, even if you try really hard to make something black and white, if you cannot do it, then that’s fine.
That’s probably fate.
There are things that are impossible even if you think it’s possible in your head.

Don’t worry what other people say.

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Yes I am 34.
This year also I’m going to carry on trying my best.