This curtain is shaped as if it is being seen from indoors. By creating the shape of a container as a curtain, I created atypical inside space. The piece indicates that the space that the viewers see is the inside space and the space behind the wall is the outside space. Some curtains are totally closed and some are slightly opened. With a curtain that is totally closed, the viewers cannot see the outside space. But with a curtain that is slightly opened, the viewers might be able to see the outside thorough the slit between the curtains. The openness of the curtains suggests how much outside space the viewers can see.
The openness of the curtains whether it was determined by people themselves or by the environment that people grew up in, varies for each person, but it is possible to adjust the openness. Some people might not have even noticed that their curtain is completely closed. No matter what the difference of the openness of the curtains may be, it is true for all viewers that there is an outside behind the curtains.

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